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Alice + Olivia SS24: 60’s Glam in NYC

The Alice + Olivia Spring/Summer 2024 collection, unveiled at New York Fashion Week, was a vibrant and enchanting experience, blending the contemporary with a touch of timeless elegance. The creative force behind the brand, Stacey Bendet, drew inspiration from the glamorous ’60s, specifically Truman Capote’s iconic Black and White Ball held at the Plaza Hotel in 1966. This influence was evident in the collection’s theme and presentation.

Held at 48 Wall Street in Manhattan, the show was designed to mimic a ball, reflecting Bendet’s vision inspired by Capote’s Swans. The venue, a stunning historical room, created an immersive environment that transcended a typical runway show, embodying a blend of surrealism and modernism. Guests were greeted with a unique gift of bagels and cream cheese, a playful contrast to the luxurious setting. This whimsical touch set the tone for a show that was as much about the experience as the fashion.

Bendet’s collection was a homage to an era where style was an influential statement. Models showcased a range of outfits that embodied the elegance and cultural richness of the ’60s high society. The collection featured swaying black and white skirts paired with structured jackets adorned with oversized bows, sensuous red silk dresses with daring plunges, and breathtaking gowns in jacquard and bouclé. Each piece in the collection was a thoughtful ode to the high-society attendees of Capote’s event.

A playful element was woven throughout, with references to Princess Odette’s ensemble from “Swan Lake” and a white ballroom dress reminiscent of the ’60s era. The inclusion of more casual elements like denim jackets with bow-adorned sleeves added a contemporary flair to the collection, balancing the old-world charm with modern style.

Alice + Olivia’s SS24 show was more than just a presentation of fashion; it was a celebration of individuality and the vibrant spirit of New York City. The collection, featuring diverse exhibits, showcased a range of styles from elegant black ballgowns to playful yellow outfits set against cartoonish backgrounds. This eclectic mix created an exhilarating atmosphere that captivated attendees.

The SS24 collection of Alice + Olivia was not just a homage to a bygone era but a dialogue between the past and the present. It encouraged women to see clothing as an extension of self-expression and a canvas of personal artistry.

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