Being a Rapunzel!


It’s true that we do not have enough time to prep and take care of our hair during vacations in between swimming, crazy night-outs, fun and dancing. Nevertheless, there is always a smart way to protect it from the sun and the salty water, and the whole thing comes down to the right products. Get inspired by the idea of ‘Rapunzel’ which is implied here by the so-called sky-high platforms from the marvelous Charlotte Olympia Collection of the season. In these heels a girl with super-long hair is depicted schematically in a very abstract manner. The braided straps are a reference to the extremely long and healthy braids we would love to have during the summer. But regardless the length, what we all need is softness and radiance, great texture and flexibility. We need healthy hair. For many, those shoes look like a fairytale, and long healthy hair feels likewise.

So this is my recipe which is a secret my hairstylist bestowed me quite recently. I just decided to ask him and he gave me a firm reply; ‘Use a nutritious hair masque right after swimming and before, that gets rid of the salt’. So what you can do is to take your hair masque with you to the beach, take a shower after swimming, and then apply it on your hair and comb thoroughly. Let it dry and afterwards at some point, even the next day, you can wash it with shampoo. In between, when dry, use fine hair oil such as Kerastase Elixir Ultime, for more shine. I followed this pattern for five days in a row, and then visited the hair salon. My hair was softer than ever before, easy to blow dry and style… See? It’s not that hard to be a Rapunzel. It just requires a certain method!


Elena Sendona

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