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Prabal Gurung SS24: A Cultural Blend

The Prabal Gurung Spring/Summer 2024 collection, presented at New York Fashion Week, was a profound expression of cultural fusion and personal reflection. Gurung’s collection was deeply rooted in his journey as an immigrant, drawing inspiration from his experiences in Nepal, India, and the United States. This blend of influences was evident in the collection, which seamlessly integrated traditional Nepali and Indian garments with contemporary Western styles.

Gurung’s design ethos for this collection revolved around the idea of “West meets East,” challenging traditional power dynamics and celebrating a harmonious merging of diverse cultures. The collection featured his signature design elements like power shoulders, gathered waists, and tapered silhouettes, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources including ’80s fashion from different parts of the world.

A standout aspect of the collection was its ease and wearability, with Gurung introducing more separates and incorporating versatile materials like denim and linen. These elements added a modern, approachable quality to the collection while maintaining the brand’s playful spirit. The use of linen, in particular, marked a new direction for Gurung, treating this humble fabric with a couture-like approach.

The show’s location at Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park on Roosevelt Island added a layer of personal significance for Gurung, resonating with his advocacy for social issues like gun control. Despite challenges like rain, the show was a testament to Gurung’s resilience and his ability to use fashion as a platform for storytelling and change. The collection was not just a display of fashion but also a reflection of Gurung’s introspective journey in questioning and exploring his identity and the essence of his design philosophy.

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