Heels for Life!


It’s true! Nude high-heel leather shoes are the foundations of any style, from royal chic to rock & roll and even punk! They elongate our legs and in patent leather version are worry-free. You don’t care if your splash into the rain. Instead you can be singing in the rain. It’s the pair of shoes that is worth investing in and for that very special case I would suggest Louboutins! Can be worn with almost any outfit, whatever its color or style. Can dress you up in a minute and you can’t stop loving it. A pair of Christian Louboutin nude pumps or sandals in your closet is a lifetime achievement! And if you want softer leather you can go for lamp skin and made-to-measure heels.

Or if you like Manolos more, take the example of Anna Wintour, who, super-elegant as she is, can’t go anywhere in the summer without her crossed-straps hand-made heels. Same design in most cases for almost a decade, but that’s the way she wants it. She wants her shoes to be almost invisible but at the same time pays special attention to have them in perfect condition. Or else… she swaps them with the next pair of same shoes! That’s certainly a statement of effortless chic! What about you? Isn’t it time to invest in your own all-time classics?


Elena Sendona

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