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New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021 – KA WA KEY is Between Realism and Imagination

The KA WA KEY FW21 collection observes the duality of the imagination and reality inspired by larger than life characters and their dual personalities. Characters like Willy Wonka, Moira Rose, Peter Pan, Mad Hatter just a few to mention. Through their FW21 collection, KA WA KEY reflects the imaginative worlds they’ve visited and characters they’ve met during the past year, which has been rather different and even scary at times. TV and music have been a huge inspiration and have offered an escape from reality, an opportunity to meet different personalities who have given us hope, and a variety of amazing places to visit. KA WA KEY wants to thank all the creatives and artists who have created content and entertainment to get us through these unexpected times. Without you, the times would have been much darker.

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