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Tory Burch SS24: Lightness & Comfort

The Tory Burch Spring/Summer 2024 collection, presented at the Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation in the American Museum of Natural History, encapsulated a vision of ‘effortless’ in the modern chaotic world. It was characterized by modular tailoring, feather-light materials, and dynamic layers that created structure and volume without bulk.

The collection evolved Tory Burch’s signature styles and experimented with new shapes like micro-mini goddess dresses. Incorporating sculptural blazers and tunics with plunging U-necks, the designs mirrored the aerodynamic curve of accessories.

Handbags, sunglasses, and shoes were designed with functionality and fluidity in mind, embodying a sense of lightness and optimism, while ensuring that each piece is practical and can be lived in. This approach to fashion reflects a contemporary understanding of effortlessness, prioritizing comfort and ease of movement.

It was a fresh approach to designing for sophisticated women. Emphasizing materiality and lightness, the collection took a subtly retro-futurist turn, reimagining women’s garment construction techniques traditionally associated with restriction, such as crinolines, boning, and hairnets, to enhance body movement. The innovative use of fabrics reinforced this theme of lightness and motion.

Notably, the collection included shorter dresses and skirts, deviating from Tory Burch’s usual style but adding visual complexity to the otherwise minimalistic approach. The collection aimed to capture a sense of calm and lightness in a chaotic world, offering contemporary, liberated, yet sophisticated dressing options.

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