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JoggJeans is my Solution!

One of the most favourite ‘it’ items of the season is Diesel’s JoggJeans, a hybrid of tracksuit pants and jeans which combines comfort and style in a unique, practical way. Based on creativity and innovation, Diesel presents pieces with multiple uses which can make our lives easier, especially when it comes to very busy ones. JoggJeans is the most genuine sample of Diesel’s ‘Succesful Living’ concept, an idea that stems from fashion’s omnipotent nature in transforming our realities and molding them according to our deeper desires. The new product is an all-in-one solution, for people who love to do jogging anytime or just want to feel the potential of it in their everyday outfits. It looks like denim but it’s not. What can be called a very convincing illusion, gives you the ability to be flexible for the biggest part of the day, adopting something that feels like a tracksuit pant but looks like sexy jeans. The secret recipe is in the cyclical weaving technique and the unique indigo shade of the fabric, key-features that make you swear that you see denim. You get dressed for shopping, strolling, coffee-time and jogging with one magic item. Keri Hilson, the famous R&B singer and song-writer has been recently spotted in NYC outside Diesel 5th Avenue Store on a rainy day, wearing in a very stylish way her JoggJeans and impressing everyone around. You can have this sexy, hot look very easily without sacrificing your comfort. I just can’t remember how many times, I myself end up after a quite busy schedule at the gym, missing my tracksuit pants from my huge sports bag. I just forget bringing it with me. From now on I will always have my tracksuit pants at the gym, because I will already be wearing it. My JoggJeans can be my best friend!

Στην Ελλάδα, θα τα βρείτε από τον Αύγουστο σε ανδρικά και γυναικεία μοντέλα μόνο στο κατάστημα της Diesel στο Κολωνάκι, Σκουφά 3, τηλ: 210 3622748.

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