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frette1Since 1860 Frette, a luxury Milan-based company, offers high quality linens to its demanding clientele – including royal families, governments, luxury hotels and embassies in Italy and abroad. Among major features that attract a-list consumers are its finest jacquard-woven linens and cottons. The company is also related to great moments in the history of VIP transportation and accommodation. Frette linens once adorned the banquet tables of the “Titanic”, and still adorn those of the “Orient Express”. It is also well known that 500 noble European families have commissioned exclusive tailor-made linens from Frette. This year Frette celebrates 150 years of life with a unique artistic installation in Milan. You can enjoy this privilege in hospitality at home, ordering linens from Frette. Click on the Store Locator or Shop Online

Θέλετε να κοιμάστε στα ίδια σεντόνια που εδώ και 150 χρόνια κοιμούνται βασιλείς, πρέσβεις και εξέχουσες προσωπικότητες ανά τον κόσμο; Θέλετε επίσης να παραθέσετε δείπνο με λευκά είδη όπως αυτά που χρησιμοποιούνταν στον “Τιτανικό” και το Orient Express; Αποκτήστε τα δικά σας Frette για το σπίτι και νιώστε σαν πριγκίπισσες!

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