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DAMNsel: Of Provocative Nature!

damnsel_debut1After its initial launch in 2014, the “pussy pouch”, a luxury handbag collection by designer Rachel Feinberg, immediately caught the attention of worldwide media outlets and fans alike. Adorned by A-list celebrities, socials, and fashion tastemakers, the “pussy pouch” became an instant success provoking society, leaving many speechless and eager to be a part of Feinberg’s “pussy posse”.

Shortly after it’s success, Feinberg teamed up with co-designer Breanne Harrison Pollock to create ‘Peopleswear’, a unisex couture collection meant to foster discussions about the policing of sexuality, gender norms, and society. The solid lines that define men and women were no longer concrete. Editors and celebrities alike praised the collection for its immeasurable pleat work, oversized decadence, and clean-cut tailored silhouettes.

Peopleswear Fall/Winter 2016 collection stays true to delivering its mission to the wearer; the style aficionado who welcomes taking risks, creates a bold statement, and embodies the parallels of high fashion and mind provoking intentions.


DAMNsel will debut and launch Peopleswear Fall/Winter 2016 collection this February during New York Fashion Week. The highly anticipated and exclusive debut is sure to deliver the brand’s core values. The design duo promises to evoke its audience with what they do best: beautiful clothing, an eye-opening concept, and a powerful message to the world.

I’m totally intrigued! Xoxo!!!

Elena Sendona

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