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In an era of fast fashion and mass production, stylish people call for customization and personalization. Wearing things that have a special meaning to you is the basic ingredient of a unique look. What matters is not only the final product but also the process. It has to be 100% YOU. The more you are involved in it, the happier you feel. Recently I came across a more fun and sophisticated way to produce truly original pieces of jewelry which tell implicitly a gorgeous story about the wearer. In a high-tech, interactive format anybody can create their monogram and preview it in seconds, before ordering it. Just click and you’ll enter another universe of self-expression and smartness!


But let me firstly introduce you to the whole idea. What is Mymo actually? It’s a modern, clever monogram that combines any two letters or numbers into a custom typographic sculpture for necklaces, keychains, and ornaments (to start). From the front, you see one character. From the side, you see the other.

Monograms used to be a badge of honor, embroidered on work shirts, towels, and stationery. But with their florid Victorian style and the move to mass production, they were left behind as an ephemeral fashion trend. Not anymore! The new approach is about reinventing the concept of letters carrying personal meaning. I think this sounds far more charming and youthful.


Twitter may allow 140 characters, but a Mymo makes a statement with just two. Let’s get challenged to decide what two letters or numbers best represent each one of us! Initials? Kids’ initials? The dogs’? Age? Football jersey number? Birthday date? They make the perfect gift for weddings, graduations, housewarmings, holidays, wedding attendant gifts, new babies, mothers, fathers, and just because – allowing anyone to give a gift with personal meaning without needing to know too much about the recipient. Holiday season approaches… and we can take advantage of this innovative idea!


Mymo uses Shapeways to 3D print each item individually. The finished Mymos are made of sterling silver, stainless steel, or food-grade ceramic. Mymo makes 3D printed objects more accessible to the public, combining great design with personalization – without customers needing to learn how to use 3D software.


The Mymo type was designed by Patrick Durgin-Bruce of Ultravirgo, an award-winning graphic design agency in New York City with a penchant for typography. He has also created custom type for the United Nations and the University of Pennsylvania. New typefaces by other designers are in the works for 2014. Stay tuned!


Elena Sendona


I just made Mymos for me (left) and my boyfriend (right)! Isn’t it so cool? Love it!

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