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Tanner Fletcher FW23: Retro Revival

Tanner Richie and Fletcher Kasell unveiled their FW23 Tanner Fletcher collection via a digital lookbook, centered around a vintage sleepover party theme. The atmosphere was perfectly captured in a Bed-Stuy apartment preserved since the mid-20th century. The designers masterfully constructed a nostalgic world through their evocative imagery.

Their fondness for bygone eras was evident, with the collection showcasing a melange of revamped historical motifs: dresses and shirts adorned with Art Nouveau-inspired rose patterns, 70s-style tuxedo ruffles accentuating velvet tailoring, Victorian ruffles paired with animal embroidery on knitwear, and the sultry hint of 90s miniskirts and slip dresses.

The designers also debuted essential items like cotton tank tops, t-shirts, and boxers, each distinguished by a velvet bow motif.

The collection took on a grittier, grunge-inspired edge, steering slightly away from pure retro vibes. More mature elements emerged, such as sheer tops, vests, mini skirts, and leather/faux fur graphic coats.

Echoing the penchant for thrifting and eclectic styling prevalent among the Millenials and GenZ individuals, Richie and Kasell retained their unique playfulness, evident in their quirky slogan tees and sweaters.

Several midi lace or velvet skirts, dresses, knits, and baggy jeans are styled and layered in such a young & fresh, sustainable way.

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