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Sally LaPointe SS19: A Sci-Fi Comic Book Inspo at the NYFW

Fashionistas, including top models such as Gigi Hadid, love her creations. This time, the Sally LaPointe Spring/Summer 2019 collection referenced the ‘East of West’ sci-fi comic book series featuring a dystopian version of the American West. As always the looks presented at Spring Studios were totally eye-catching.

The show kicked off with loose-fitting neutral ensembles that exude an effortless chic attitude. Long sleeves mixed with shorter hems are destined to dress world travelers and busy ladies in transitional weather. There was a sense of ease to them. Light & roomy statement coats reinforce the idea of a seasonless look that matches more than one locale.

Crop tops combined with high-rise bottoms are the silhouette of choice. It offers all urban looks a young twist. On busy mornings slip into them or a shirtdress to achieve comfy chic. The designer encourages her audience to ‘try’ oversize silhouettes that never loose their polished glam factor. A little shine is essential and comes with the fabric!

The set was incredible, making ladies sitting front row get back to their recent sailing and sun-soaking memories. It was actually derived from the comic that was used as a reference. A trio of black sailcloths were suspended from wires and spun in circles syncing with the ocean sounds. It was a very smart effect.

The neutral outfits were followed by magenta ones. The interplay of volumes and lines was definitely figure-flattering and modern. And right after, some sophisticated midnight blue options came down the runway. Each look was getting one step closer to the future definition of femininity. I started thinking of the right occasions for these cool outfits.

The textural game was kept on with interesting juxtaposition of materials such as cashmere, vinyl, sequins, feathers, fringes, and sheer fabrics. The monochrome looks were elegant and figure-elongating. Young glamour is a priority for the designer!

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