Oh Vogue!


I think I’ve told you that one of my greatest fashion-related obsessions is the American Vogue, and I bet I’m not the only one to share this strong feeling. Anna Wintour is my super-hero the same way Iron Man can be a super-star for many young and older boys! I just saw this shot of Karlie Kloss with Daft Punk from the August issue and I can’t describe you how thrilled I am! They’re walking across one of my most favorite spots in NYC, among glittering sliding walls with shades of blue dominating the picture. I love their style and I’m crazy about their music, especially their duet with Pharell Williams. They look like urban super humans in their glamorous futuristic armors. And I adore Karlie’s effortless once again trimmed bob (or wig, I’m not sure) and her spiritual gaze. She’s hypnotizing, in every sense of the word! Can’t wait to get the latest Vogue issue since I’m a loyal customer! Let me tell you that American Vogue is quite expensive and hard to find in Greece, a fact that led me to the decision of subscribing. Anyway! Congratulations to all those working at Vogue! I’m sure that they are going to stun us!

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