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Crossing the Pool!

A catwalk crossing a pool in one of Miami’s coolest hotels, SLS, is a very attractive view to share together with your swimwear-clad guests! Nanette Lepore’s Swim 2014 Collection was amazing! Co-hosted by her daughter and designer Violet, the event took place during the Mercedes Benz Miami Fashion Week, on a catwalk featuring swimsuits and coverups inspired by the so-called Persian tiles! I loved the motifs as well as the colors with crocheted pink standing out, and blue shades at the leading role! But above all it was a fantastic place for a summery collection to be showcased and also it was a chance for her to unleash her super positive vibes! She loves neons and we know that, but she also defends femininity with the most playful manner.

And this cool luxury setting reminded me back in the years of prosperity in Athens, a decade ago, a show that took place at the Ekali Club held by the famous Greek fashion businessman Lakis Gavalas, who now faces severe financial problems and was recently in jail for his debts. Back then, there was also a catwalk crossing the pool, it was swimwear, and the models were styled after the images of Pharaohs with golden head-pieces. It was extraordinary! Let me tell you about Lakis that he’s the man who was importing most of the high-end fashion brands in Greece, still has special friendships with various designers such as Dsquared, made lavish parties for international jet-setters in his mansion in Mykonos, and is a symbol of a man who worked hard but failed when the Greek economy failed. He was in prison for many months, while the Greek justice delayed the procedures to confiscate one of his properties enough to cover his debt. It was unfair for Lakis since he contributed to the image of Greece during the good times, especially for those interested in fashion, not of course for the ones being indifferent! And it was Nanette Lepore’s recent show which brought up this sweet memory of a precious summer in Greece!

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