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New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021 – Dur Doux on a Cooler Type of Grandness

Dur Doux is already a much-praised and discussed brand among emerging ones. Based in Washington DC, the mother-daughter fashion house produces some unexpected showstoppers from operatic gowns to upscale athleisure. They go big and they don’t seem to shy away from their bold, playful ideas that are already regarded as highly editorial and Instagrammable, of course.

Eclairage-“Illumination” is a blend of practical, relaxed luxury and elegant stimulation that projects a coming year of vast possibilities. The designs of rich hues of golden yellow married with ultimate grey/silver, chocolates, cocoa, and bronze copper come together to perfectly convey a message of optimism and positivity.
For the current NYFW, the 20+ piece collection of dresses, skirts, pants, sweaters, bodysuits, and a taste of ‘Dur Doux grand tulle creations’ serves every fashion desire. The brand signature of enticing fabrications continues: textured faux leathers and knits along with exciting jacquard prints. Many pieces afford all-season wear. While others stylishly snuggle and elegantly warm the contour of women. Check more on their website.

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