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New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021 Anna Sui and her Post-Pandemic Fantasy

There is no other way to describe the colorful universe coming each time out of Anna Sui‘s magic cabinet of inspiration rather than in her own words – as presented digitally for the NYFW (FW21 Collection):

As we wait “on pause” for the new world that will emerge from this pandemic, my mind is awhirl with visions of the vibrant world that lies just ahead—I can’t stop thinking of that “black-and-white to color” moment. The limbo that we are living in will turn psychedelic, exuberant with color and pattern–– it’s going to be Phantasmadelic!

It reminds me of the 1968 film “Wonderwall” by Joe Massot, when a bored scientist (Jack MacGowran) discovers a hole through his wall and sees swinging sixties model Penny Lane (Jane Birken) on the other side. In contrast to his colorless existence, everything about her is dazzling including her apartment, designed by The Fool who also did the clothes and decor of Apple Boutique for The Beatles.

Transcending that wall is what inspires me. Mixing traditional with whimsy, black and white with bright ambers and magenta; layering pattern on pattern, faux cowhide, lurex stripes, Wavy Vibe knits, windowpane tweed plaids, faux suede with fairytale trims, printed mesh with contrast lettuce edging, and floral chiffons festooned with lace. Through the doors of the magical, brightly hued wardrobe cabinet painted by Sarah Oliphant, the models will appear in their Phantasmadelic outfits. Soon we will join the party on the other side!


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A post shared by Anna Sui (@annasui)

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