Mirror Palais: Echoes of Romance

Launched in 2019 by Marcelo Gaia in New York, Mirror Palais quickly resonated in the modern fashion sphere with dreamy designs and seductive shapes. Its ascent, fueled by social media, resonated with those drawn to the allure of bygone times.

Gaia’s designs, inspired by his Brazilian mother’s attire, intertwine personal narratives with vintage-esque textiles, celebrating the diversity of female forms. The brand’s vivid hues, retro motifs, and distinctive incorporation of underwires infuse its designs with both whimsy and elegance.

Gaia expanded his repertoire with a bridal range that merges ethereal forms with opulent fabrics like soft laces and enchanting silks. Loved by celebrities like Hailey, Bella, Kylie, and more, Mirror Palais effortlessly blends Spanish sartorial heritage with contemporary flair, exuding romance, culture, and grace.

With roots tracing back to Brazilian immigrant parents and a modest upbringing, today, icons like Bella Hadid and Ariana Grande sport Mirror Palais, cementing its status as a pivotal and much-sought-after brand of our time.

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