Sebastien Ami: Artisan Luxury Redefined

Sebastien Ami, a high-end menswear label with a gender-neutral approach, was founded by Sebastien Amisial and collaboratively steered by Marianne Amisial.

Initiated in 2013, it formally started its journey in 2020 amidst the global pandemic. Quickly gaining traction, notable personalities like Shia Gilgeous Alexander, Chris Paul, Bad Bunny, and Justin Beiber, along with prominent influencers like Greg Notre and Devan Anderson, have donned its creations.

The essence of Sebastien Ami lies in delivering practical yet opulent attire and accessories tailored for contemporary craftsmen. Endeavoring to redefine workwear, the brand emphasizes mindful design for daily comfort, ensuring superior standards in materials, fit, and craftsmanship.

Both Sebastien and Marianne, with over a decade in design and retail, navigate the brand’s direction, leveraging their insights to forecast a sustainable growth trajectory in the forthcoming years.

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