Martini Bar is Hot

martini_bar1Martini Bar in Belvedere Hotel, Mykonos, is going to be one of the hottest island bars for summer 2010. The opening event was a glamorous parade of Greek businessmen, artists and other celebrities who enjoyed watching mixologists’ legend, Dale DeGroff, preparing vodka Beluga-based cocktails with exotic ingredients that are imported for first time in Greece. Guests learnt from him about secret drinking preferences of famous stars such as Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sarah Jessika Parker. The unique setting and decoration has been created by Rockwell Group NYC.

Το Martini Bar ξενοδοχείο Belvedere στη Μύκονο είναι ένα από τα πιο μοδάτα και hip bars του φετινού καλοκαιριού. Στο event ξεχώρισαν οι: Πέτρος Κωστόπουλος, Τζένη Μπαλατσινού, Μάρα Καρέτσου, Βαλέρια Ταράντο, Στέλιος Μπαϊρακτάρης, Nick Giannopoulos, Olga Fox, Έλενα Μακρή-Λυμπέρη, Γωγώ Μαστροκώστα και Κατρίνα Τσάνταλη.

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