Folli Follie Life Gallery

folli_gallery1It was a short, charming trip to the world we can grasp with our eyes. The Folli Follie presentation and exhibition was an event that stemmed from great imagination and was bringing together a new jewelry collection (Fall 2010) with surrealist pieces of art which questioned human sensitivity. The new Folli Follie collection, named “All Eyes on You” is constituted of impressive bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bags, wallets and clutches, some of them bearing in fancy ways the image of an eye. Makeup artist Zoe Notara painted many colorful eyes on guests who liked very much the idea of body painting. Fashion celebrated with other forms of art, at Ileana Tountas’ famous gallery in Athens, all those inspirations deriving from women living today in modern, fashionable cities.

Μία ευφάνταστη συλλογή κοσμημάτων και αξεσουάρ παρουσίασε η Folli Follie σε συνδυασμό με μια ευρηματική έκθεση έργων τέχνης, στην art gallery της Ιλεάνας Τούντα. Η συλλογή περιλάμβανε βραχιόλια, σκουλαρίκια, κολιέ και τσαντάκια με κυρίαρχο μοτίβο το μάτι.

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