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Loukia:Very Romantic and Sophisticated

loukia1I should rather apologize for the quality of my photos in this fashion show, since my excuse is not so well-grounded. I just didn’t bring my camera with me and the only option left was my iPhone which could barely catch my catwalk beauties who were not so willing to stroll until the last segment of their pathway, in the Russian Embassy garden in Athens. I hope that you will at least appreciate my insistence to come back with some proofs of my presence there. Loukia’s show had some embedded surprises such as the use of vivid colors (fuchsia, purple) and the appearance of the Greek top model, Katia Zygouli, after the birth of her first daughter. The rest of the stuff was still a verification of Loukia’s innate talent to “cut and paste” fabrics, work with transparencies and decorate with closely related materials her fairy outfits – mostly gowns. Under an enviably blue sky, many members of the International Women Club, stylists and media people, admired Loukia’s current collection. Almost sunbathing, I managed to watch and I’m now giving you the atmosphere. Her most stunning creations were her romantic, girly wedding gowns.

Ο ήλιος ήταν καυτός αλλά η Loukia κατάφερε να μας μεταφέρει στο δικό της δροσερό κόσμο όπου κατοικούν νεράιδες τυλιγμένες σε αέρινα υφάσματα.

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