Jewelry Inspires Apparel

lak1.LAK Jewelry Show was a fantastic world’s expression by an imaginative and smart retailer – one of the local fashion celebrities, Lakis Gavalas. In a wonderful place, the creative team of his own brand presented clothes inspired by vintage jewelry. The fashion show was actually an event combined with a concert. Models’ makeup was made with Sensai products, which was a novelty for a Greek show. Most cloths were edgy and dazzling at the same time.

To .LAK Jewelry Show ήταν η υλοποίηση των εμπνεύσεων ενός πρωτοποριακού και ανήσυχου retailer, που πήρε από παλιά κοσμήματα και παλιές οικογενειακές ιστορίες. Το αποτέλεσμα ήταν χαριτωμένο και δημιουργικά ενδιαφέρον.

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