Hair Styling Your Vacation Look

While shooting for my Feel Good Fur collection I came up with the idea that the coolest girls on earth right now are opting for a disheveled top-knot hairstyle as their casual or hot summer day option. Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Zendaya, Kate Hudson, Ciara, Erin Wasson, Hailey Baldwin, and other ‘it’ girls are rocking the top-knot bun both on the beach and on the red carpet as their ‘of the moment’ functional hairstyle. We naturally applied the youthful edge of the look on Feel Good Fur model muse Ine Bredesen from Norway. This is my suggestion for those of you wanting to hit the beach in style. Plus a top knot can keep your hair more or less dry while swimming, in case you can’t get into the trouble of restyling them for the evening. Follow my steps:

– Dry your hair naturally, hold them towards the crown of the head with an elastic tie in a casual manner, and twist the ponytail until it becomes a knot.

– Secure the knot with hair pins that match your hair color.

– Undo some of the fixed strands for a more disheveled effect

– For a soft look, spray it with a gloss or an SPF hair oil. For an edgier look, spritz it with a salt spray.

And see you at the beach!

Lots of love!

Elena Sendona

Photo (top to the right): Model Ine Bredesen in Feel Good Fur Fall/Winter 2017

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