Prepping for the NYFW

It’s always this summer time of the year that has me thinking what to do and what to wear for the New York Fashion Week in early September. I need to take full advantage of the sale season to grab some designer treasures from Net-a-Porter and the rest of the credible online fashion stores offering fashion’s latest on considerable discount. I need to be strategic about spending on the most streetstyle-worthy looks and think of the pieces whose allure will last for more than one season. Some designers are reworking on certain styles available now on discount, offering variations of the same piece for the next season.

And beyond thinking of my wardrobe update and styling my new catches with things already residing my closet, I need to think of ways to promote my up-and-coming Feel Good Fur collection. Last season has been an awesome start for me as a designer. Instagram’s Eva Chen, an ardent adopter of social media, latest technology, and newest/freshest designer items, wore my Feel Good Fur Fluffy Pocket coat, and I can’t be more thankful than that.

Additionally to my Feel Good Fur project I need to work on my writing both for the Fashionality blog and my global clients so that I secure as many designer show invites as possible. Attending the shows is both fun and work, so if you happen to be looking for ways to get more New York Fashion Week designer show invitations, follow my little piece of advice:

  • You need to be a regularly and seriously involved member of the fashion community so that you are entitled to an invite.
  • As a fashion writer, editor, designer, stylist, publicist or in other related capacity, send over to the designer PR offices a well-edited portfolio, explaining also the reasons for requesting an invite.
  • In your email to the designer office/ showroom/ PR company , make sure you are clearly stating the designer brand and season you are referring to. Be brief and polite, and add attachments and links enriching the content of your letter.
  • If you haven’t started yet, now is the time to send some requests off. The earliest the better. Even if some of the recipients appear to be ‘out of office’, they all keep your emails and will respond to you once back on track. Avoid repeating a request; that’s annoying and some offices – like KCD Worldwide – urge you not to, through their automatic responses.
  • If you receive an invite from them, RSVP immediately (most probably through Fashion GPS or other online platform or email) to secure a seat or a ‘Standing’ status. Keep in mind that ‘Priority Standing’ means that at best you are having a priority while waiting in line for the show to start. Also a ‘Seating Assignment’ requires you to arrive on time (usually 20-30 minutes before show time) or else you are most probably losing it when ‘Standing’ attendants are notified by the assistants at the venue that they are allowed to take up certain seats.
  • Always have with you – in your cellphone or printed – your barcode or invite. This is the only legitimate way to check in.

Be stunning and smiling, arrive at the venue with the excitement of a newbie; after almost 10 years as a regular fashion week attendee, I’m still thrilled to attend!

Lots of love!

Elena Sendona

Photo (top to the right): Me featured on during NYFW FW17

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