Makeup for Hot Weather

I’ve been using various cosmetic products and their combinations always in the hope of producing an effortless beauty look when temperature gets high and sweating your way through the day comes as the mainstream option. A liquid foundation with SPF usually leads to overly shiny skin. Adding a layer of mattifying powder might create a cakey effect. Powder sponges often available within a compact packaging are not the best blending tools. A powder brush will diffuse powder more evenly. Dust excess product away and blend it with the foundation underneath so that you keep a balance and achieve natural glow without undesirable shine. As a base, below the foundation layer, I only use regular face sunscreen with hydrating properties, and to be honest with you, I skip the foundation layer for the benefit of the concealer that selectively corrects skin imperfections. Regarding beauty and product quantity, I definitely feel that ‘less is more’. Follow my steps:

– Apply face sunscreen and, if in a hurry, dry it out by dabbing it with a makeup sponge.
– Apply concealer only where necessary to cover dark spots and circles, blemishes etc. Tap it with your fingers focusing on the imperfection and then again dab it with a sponge.
– Apply compact or loose powder with a soft brush.
– Highlight with a shimmering shadow your eyelids, brow bones, and cheeks.
– Gently define your eyebrow shape with a soft pencil and brush it away. Start lining it from the outer edges inwards.
– Moisturize your lips with a SPF lip balm.
Now you are ready to hit the beach in full natural beauty!

Lots of love!

Elena Sendona

Photo (top to the right): Josephine Skriver in Pilgrim Jewelry’s Spring-Summer 2017 campaign

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