Gifts for Healthy Holiday Hair!

What we are all focusing on during the holiday season is achieving the most exquisite glamorous hairstyles of the year and we usually put aside a luscious hair treatment that will make them look naturally shiny, strong and vibrant. Proper hair care should definitely be included in our New Year’s resolutions. We have to promise ourselves that next year we are going to regularly treat our hair with the best shampoos, conditioners, serums and masques in the market. I decided to instill that sort of wisdom to my friends by gifting them some amazing holiday sets including miraculous formulas by the masters of hair care. This is a very pleasant way to teach a nice new habit to others. Usually people receiving such products as gifts get hooked with their incredible results and ultimately become repeating clients. For 2015 wish you all Happy Healthy Hair!

Fashionable smooches!!!

Elena Sendona


Serge Normant ‘The Glamour Girl’s Holiday Hair Kit’


Oribe Beautiful Color Collection


Pureology Holiday Gift Set – The Aromatherapy Collection

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