Something Festive, Sweet and Flirty!

Holiday-themed, glamorously packaged chocolates, candies, and other desserts are a great way to show love, and flirt somebody. These sweet flavors can tame and melt somebody’s heart and can give extreme happiness to your loved ones. I not only adore the actual taste but also the gift boxes, with green, red, and gold ribbons, as well as complementary decorative details. Pastry shops have also created sweets in unexpected, playful shapes inspired from fashion and fairytale. I’m very excited to receive such treats; and before consuming them, I shall proudly place them as centerpieces on a table or decoration under the tree! Get some ideas for your own gifts to others! Sweetness is everything in life!

Happy Holidays loves!!!

Elena Sendona

sweet_holidays1Yoku Moku Winter Bateau de Macadamia Cookies

sweet_holidays2Charbonnel ET Walker Three “Handbag & Heels” Chocolates

sweet_holidays3Le Comptoir de Mathilde Chocolate Pizza

william_choco75Williams & Bennett Candy Cane Box of Chocolate-Covered Oreo® Cookies

Photo at the top of this page to the right: Charbonnel ET Walker Milk Chocolate Handbag & Heels

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