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Best Holiday Stockings Ever!

I’m always thrilled to see what’s in my Holiday stockings but beyond the fillers I’m genuinely interested in the stocking’s special design itself. It can be traditional but also avant-garde or a designer piece. It’s of practical but also of decorative use, acting as a gift container and being placed above the fireplace or somewhere else. I love those made of chunky knits as well as those made of swatches of fabrics as patchwork or quilted fabrics. Usually red prevails but you will also find green, red, gold, silver, and sometimes blue. The most common motifs are Santas, stars, snowmen and snowflakes, although lately I’ve seen many color-blocking masterpieces. Stockings are gifted to friends and relatives, and you can really buy a very exquisite one to those with great taste! Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorites in the market and wishing you Happy Gifting!

Fashionable Smooches!!!

Elena Sendona


Eugenia Kim Chunky-knit wool stocking and Rosantica embellished velvet and jute stocking


Sibling Floral-intarsia wool stocking and Banjo & Matilda Naughty And Nice embroidered silk-blend stocking

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