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Fforme FW23: On Sculpted Elegance

Fforme‘s FW23 showcase unraveled in a Chelsea gallery, resonating with Paul Helbers’s fashion philosophy centered on architectural forms. This season, Helbers further developed the brand’s distinct style, emphasizing ample silhouettes and nuanced elements that uplift everyday attire. He expressed a transition from the previous season’s emphasis on tunics and corsets to more expansive structures this year. One striking piece, a debut cropped puffer jacket, showcased this shift, designed to intrigue viewers about its origin of volume. Its raglan sleeves were uniquely geometric, merging seamlessly with the body, an intricate design that Helbers confessed took months to perfect.

Another notable creation was a luxurious brown car coat with an unexpected oversized ruffle on the back, reminiscent of an elegantly draped accessory.

A vibrant blue cape, embodying the fusion of abstract volume with bodily contours, became an emblem of Helbers’s definition of elegance. Other standouts included leather pants with an ornate waist composed of numerous darts, creating a swirling effect.

A leather jacked with an impressive cut, exuded minimalism and practicality in the most charming and sophisticated way.

In the knitwear realm, pieces such as a brown raglan-sleeved sweater and a rich three-toned turtleneck both demonstrated meticulous attention to structure and texture.

A tee with thicker ribs further showcased Helbers’s knack for transforming casual staples into sophisticated sculptures, emphasizing how wearing such pieces allows the wearer to command their surroundings.

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