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Colin Locascio FW23: On Whimsical Elegance

The Vanity Fair after-party spotlight fell on an eye-catching dress designed by the rising Queens talent, Colin Locascio. Iris Apatow’s vibrant, sequined gown, adorned with 3-D floral beadwork, became the talk of the town, propelling both the attire and its creator into the limelight. With a past role as the Design Director for Kendall + Kylie Black Label RTW, Locascio is celebrated for his vivid prints, intricate textures, and creative fabric constructions like the nostalgic frog designs influenced by an old plush toy.

For his Fall 2023 Collection, which includes variations of the aforementioned dress, the designer collaborated with Indian artisans for the unique 3-D floral designs. These were meticulously crafted using carved styrofoam and wire structures, draped in stretch georgette, and then meticulously beaded to enhance their depth. His design journey began with crochet flowers in 2021, which soon transformed into these pronounced, animated florals teeming with vibrancy and character.

Locascio masterfully plays with color contrasts, patterns, and textures, creating standouts like faux fur pieces and vibrant knits. He offers a fresh take on the urban feminine style, pushing boundaries with avant-garde flair. His collection boasts a variety of pieces, from artfully designed mesh jumpsuits and practical yet chic denim sets to a studded skirt ensemble and a multifaceted trench coat, all catering to the contemporary urbanite. Sequined designs, reminiscent of the 90s, find their place in the collection, as showcased by the glitzy dress Iris Apatow donned. The collection rounds off with spacious, structured suits, epitomizing Locascio’s signature style.

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