Ev Bessar Debuts FW16 Collection Soon!

Labeled as one of New York’s most influential up-and-coming designers, Ev Bessar debuts her Fall/Winter 2016 collection this season during New York Fashion Week. Praised by industry tastemakers for her development of innovative fabric techniques and unique combinations of hand-made knits with fine leathers, Ev Bessar brings forth a modernized avant-garde rawness together with an emotional concept derived from the Russian Folklore “The Firebird”, which is a bird known for its healing powers and magical feathers. A once dark and isolated world becomes an enchanted new era of hope where love prevails.


Ev Bessar is part of the tribe of “dark fashion”, yet conceptualizes it in a way that is completely her own. Every piece of clothing is hand-made straight out of her home in Manhattan’s Harlem where she works out of her basement, which she calls the “dungeon”. It’s the place where Ev Bessar masters raw and conceptual elegance and cutting edge designs that bring forth a new life. The energy of the room is dark, with exquisite fabric rolls laying up and down the walls and mannequins spread throughout draped in oversized hand-knitted capes adorned by opulent fur shawls. The best part of the collection is that is is probably the only unisex collection that truly adapts to both men and women instinctively, which is a very hard task to master. Many new designers have tried this trend of androgyny, and it normally either leans one way or another. On the other hand, Bessar tends to evoke the true masculine and feminine traits in every piece which naturally comes to life once placed on its wearer.

Stay tuned for more details on the Ev Bessar NYFW Fall/Winter 2016 runway show!

Love You All!

Elena Sendona

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