Katya Leonovich: The Powerful Mix of Art & Fashion

leonovich_fw16_1This season, veteran designer and artist Katya Leonovich will present her Fall/Winter 2016 “The Hurricane” collection on Sunday, February 14 during New York Fashion Week. This is definitely a must-see event, as the overall concept was drawn from the designer’s current trip to Bermuda, where she experienced the phenomenon first hand. The designer contemplated the occurrences and envisioned the treasure of what this symbolized in her own life and what’s true for many others. Life brings darkness and trials, yet what matters is how we evolve and rise above, glowing in the light of positivity and embracing great values such as peace and harmony.
The designer will also incorporate Menswear pieces into her collection, which will be tailored to perfection to appear aesthetically compelling. She adores and studies the male figure too, and this time she is decided to infuse men’s garments with an aura of boldness and creativity.
leonovich_fw16_2Over the last few years, Leonovich has focused strongly on her oil-on-canvas abstract painting talent with the completion of multiple series from her artwork collections. Once again, she mixes her original works of art with her latest clothing collection, feeling that her clothing symbolizes “moving art”. The event will host the usual slew of VIP Editor and Celebrity guests and will also welcome art influencers and tastemakers alongside the fashion realm of devoted Leonovich followers. This is definitely a chance for you to appreciate something completely unique, experiencing the modern way of doing fashion presentations!
Katya was a huge David Bowie fan, whom she paid tribute to his recent passing by sketching his portrait to be on display during the presentation. I just love the deeply artistic approach to fashion that is maintained by this designer! Looking forward to the event!
See you there fashionistas!
Elena Sendona

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