Dressed Like an Exotic Princess

arasmaci1Zoe Saldana, the princess of Navi in the Avatar movie, has a high connection to fashion, running her own brand, “Arasmaci”, which is an acronym for her family’s first names, mother’s, father’s and two sister’s. Regarding herself to be “a geek who happens to dress nice”, she makes that relationship with haute style look like a derivative of inner talent and natural inclination for elegance. Zoe prefers and suggests monochrome and structured clothes with strong shoulders. She also feels rather comfortable with skinny jeans. Recently named “The Face of the Future” for MaxMara, and already famous for her roles in Star Trek and Cameron’s blockbuster, she was seating in the front row, at Bercedes-Benz Fashion Week, NY, as well as Milan Fashion Week. Overcoming her bright blue correlation, she appeared at the MaxMara show, wearing a dazzlingly golden dress from the F/W collection.

H πριγκίπισσα των Navi, είναι ένα υπαρκτό πρόσωπο που ψηφιοποιήθηκε προκειμένου να γίνει γαλαζοαίματη και γαλαζό-μορφη. Στην αληθινή της ζωή, είναι ένα υπέρκομψο κορίτσι που λατρεύει τη μόδα και γι’ αυτό σχεδιάζει ρούχα…

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