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Back to Nature and Innocence?

felous_shirt1Some t-shirts are really playful, amusing, uplifting… They go back to memories of our lives, such as drawing caricatures, writing our first letters and having fun with our classmates at school. I liked this photo not because in expresses love towards a certain brand, namely Seven7 jeans, but because it stands perfectly in front of our eyes emphasizing smoothly the contrast between the embedded-with-tree trunks background and the hand painted-like t-shirt. It could have been a metaphor for what can make kids happy; Nature and Art. But isn’t it true that this couple of values makes all humans happy, though most disregard it? Anyway. The “going back to nature” concept is HERE and is strong. Jeremy Scott, the quite alternative designer, has it on his list of inspirations as well. It’s the innocent, primitive need for love (and sex) that takes this season the form of cavewoman t-shirts with the daring question “Your cave or mine?” Could it be more sincere and seductive? I guess no.

Η εντυπωσιακή αυτή photo είναι από το χώρο υποδοχής των γραφείων του Felous Fashion Group στην Αθήνα, την ημέρα του εντυπωσιακού event “FFG Destination Fashion District”.

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