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Going to School!

Are you still in love with the Cambridge Satchel Company bags? Then you can’t miss this 13’’ Classic Vintage with a Top Handle in limited edition! In amazing brown shade this bag will follow you everywhere. I’ve told you before how much connected I feel with the so-called back-to-school style. I always loved school, college, and my studies in general, to the point that I’m still getting dressed in college-years clothes and accessories very often. I adore satchels, sneakers, knee-high socks, rounded collars and short pleated skirts. Education and the time people are studying can be of the happiest moments in life. There’s great sense of duty but also some sort of innocence and light-spirited mood. We’re happy because we are learning more and we improve ourselves, reaching our potential. The way we were getting dressed those years was a whole quest for comfort and a total absence of fear about what our image projects to the others. We all were fearless at some point in life, and holding this beautiful satchel we can somehow still be!


Elena Sendona

P.S. To order this Satchel call: +441223 833050

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