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Low-Budget Cute Accessories

axel_accessories1We found some interesting pieces in the Spring/Summer 2010 Axel Accessories collection. The well-known Greek company addresses the fashionable crowd at a younger age, offering trendy creations at low, reasonable prices. The company’s headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece, distributes its products to many stores in Thessaloniki, Athens, Patra, Sparta and other Greek cities. The collection includes bags, shoes, faux-bijoux, scarves and the rest of the “pluses” to a young woman’s morning or evening look.

Τα Axel Accessories από τη Θεσσαλονίκη έχουν τραβήξει την προσοχή των αναγνωστριών και γι’ αυτό σας δίνουμε περισσότερα στοιχεία. Δείτε και το site τους, κλικάρετε στον «Κατάλογο», και θα καταλάβετε!

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