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Blugirl is Romantic and Rock!

Remember your last time at a cool music festival? It’s this sort of entertainment that goes back in time to the 60’s and 70’s, the original hippies and the legendary Woodstock. In fashion this theme frequently recurs but this time it was a modern interpretation of free energy and independence! I’m talking about one of my favorite SS15 collections, the Blugirl  which captures the dreamy romanticism of the bohemian festivals that gather audiences in a shared experience of rock camaraderie: Glastonbury in Great Britain, Coachella in California. Its motto “rock en plein air” suggested the whole mood.


It was an irreverent and instinctive mix & match, in which past and present, vintage, urban and military mingle in a free and personal expression of style. It’s all about being unconventional and breaking the rules. I loved the ripped and embroidered denim jackets being mixed with kaftans, the interplay and layering of different lengths, transparencies and embellishments, as well as the fairytale dresses that were cinched in the waist with slim leather belts.

Other elements…

– Sequins sparkle all-over the bomber, while white thread ‘draws’ flowers on the dresses.

– Vintage lace is treated irreverently, while the total black Sangallo lace dresses look sunny rather than moody.

– Camouflage patterns are enriched with floral prints.

– Chiffon skirts and girly jersey dresses are combined with lace shirts, while field jackets with slip dresses, and embroidered denim shorts with flappers reminiscent of the Roaring 20’s.

– Fabrics include chiffon, voile, broderie anglaise, and denim. The color palette consists of shades of white, mauve, peach, purple with touches of blue, black and gold. Silver and powder pink sequins illuminate the embroideries.

– Accessories define the mood, softening opulence with assertive pragmatism as seen on utility leather boots, backpacks and shoulder bags. Outdoorsy conviviality dictates the use of durable materials and functional details.

– Flower crowns on their hair are ideal for the new nymphs who live close to nature, in a rock ‘n’ roll kind of way.

– The girls also opt for mirrored sunglasses; a sexy sun protection.

It was a wonderful blend of different times and cultures stressing the necessity for peace, joy and effortless style which sounds more relevant than ever before! Now you know what you will be wearing to the next festival!

Love You All!!!

Elena Sendona

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