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Bedtime Extravaganza!


Viktor&Rolf is a designer duo famous for being provocative, luxury-savvy and avant-garde. Remember back in Fall/Winter 2005 when they had transformed their ‘sweet dreams’ moments into opulent, theatrical gowns for daring women? Can you imagine yourself dressed in a duvet? With them… everything is still possible! Maybe the message was that fashion should be all about comfort and about relaxing within the context of luxury. People nowadays pay a lot of money for less comfort. They pay thousands in order to trap themselves within dangerously fitting gowns, super-heavy crystal embellished jackets, clothes with tons of edgy hardware! If smarter, they should have given a fortune for the precious idea of comfort within their clothes. What about a super soft cardigan or a flowing evening gown made of the finest quality yarns, the most pleasing-to-touch fabrics on earth? These things should be priceless, in the same way ‘good sleep’ should be, as Arianna Huffington insists in many of her inspirational speeches! And all this idea of bedtime pleasure revolves around many heads all day long before actually going to bed! Many artists have discussed that before, and even actress Tilda Swinton slept for a while at MoMa to live the uniqueness of it and pass a deeper message. Some say that the Viktor&Rolf show back then was very moving and intriguing, while others never really got the real meaning of it. But the truth is that along with excitement, it served as food for thought… Let’s rethink about this ‘Bedtime Story’ collection and we will come up with more conclusions!


Elena Sendona

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