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Ergonomy is a Priority!

Maison Martin Margiela is always known for excessively good taste and innovation. This time the brand takes us to a world where everything adjusts to our body needs, contrary to the notion that this season’s structured bags can sometimes be uncomfortable. The new Ergonomic range of form-fitting bags can be molded according to our body shape, following our curves and our movement. We need such type of bags, especially when we are busy all day long, running for errands and holding this ‘damn bag’ for hours…

Sometimes I wish my bag was lighter than a feather, softer than my pillow, almost non-existent and willing to appear only if needed. Usually we love our bags because they hold all our essentials, but we hate them because there are moments (at a party or bar) when we want them to disappear and not bother us at all. The new Ergonomic bags in different styles rest perfectly around our body and promise they will never be a distraction to us! Isn’t that a perfect solution?


Elena Sendona

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