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Sartorial Coating!


You always need to look perfect but there are moments that you are indecisive or you don’t have enough time for the perfect combination. It’s then time for a single wonderful piece to throw on and just go. A coat from the new REDValentino collection will save you. That’s the perfect ‘chic coating’ which will cover everything else up, even your bad mood. These amazing coats – actually coat-dresses – are the easiest wonderful thing you can get dressed in. With fantastic romantic retails such as florals and bows, made of fabulous brocades or cotton twill, they dress you up in a minute. Accessorize them with your stunning black heels and a dazzling clutch, for an outfit which is going to turn heads. If you are daring enough, mix and match them with fine knee-high socks, for more edge to the look. I know that most of you are so busy that intricate styling is not an option. This beautiful single piece will help you feel confident anytime during the day. You can find many stylish celebs following the trend and others, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, who features it as a signature look. As you realize, there are many smart ways for you to save your ‘fashionality’ and effortlessly stick to your fashionable identity. Don’t ever give up! Looking fabulous is an axiom in life. This ‘coating’ of glam and radiance, elegance, and femininity, is strictly required in our lives…


Elena Sendona

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