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Area Pre-Fall 2023: On Butterflies & Transformation

Area‘s Pre-Fall 2023 collection, under the creative direction of Piotrek Panszczyk, takes an unexpected muse: butterflies, despite the designer’s admitted dislike for them. This tension between aversion and attraction led to an exploration of the symbol, offering a fresh twist on previous iconic fashion elements reminiscent of the ’90s.

The collection is a mix of whimsy and maturity, showcasing the butterfly motif through tailored jackets, abstracted silhouettes, appliques, and a playful embellished night-out top. This theme expands into the sporty realm with a black t-shirt and matching leggings, each featuring butterfly cutouts, carefully engineered to be both alluring and fashion-forward.

Among the season’s highlights are the denim styles. The raw-edged Japanese denim pieces boast cutouts and butterfly-appliqués, and a hand-drawn butterfly print adorns a series of garments including a jacket, mini dress, and skirt. The print features shades of purple, pink, white, and black on a green background, adding a groovy flair. A particular powder blue washed-denim jacket adds another layer to the theme, incorporating crystal-embroidered “moth holes,” playing with the idea of nocturnal transformation.

The collection’s depth is also evident in colorblocked ponte styles, including a long gown with strategic cutouts inspired by both butterfly branch-like motifs and ’70s geometric jewelry. The end result has a psychedelic effect, showcasing Area’s ability to reinvent itself while maintaining its focus on the human body’s aesthetic. The line’s blend of elegance and playfulness reflects a brand unafraid to venture into unexplored territory, creating garments that are both innovative and resonant.

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