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Adeam FW23: Dark Echoes

Blink 182’s “Miss You” accompanied Hanako Maeda’s Adeam FW23 reveal. After a streak of lighter designs culminating in a sugary spring collection, this season saw a shift to more somber hues.

Maeda drew from her youth’s musical tastes this season, reminiscing on her affinity for pop-punk bands like Blink 182 and Green Day. This, combined with influences from Harajuku and gothic Lolita fashion, guided her collection.

The assembly was a harmonious blend of these inspirations. Vibrant tartans transformed into meticulously tailored attire, complemented by silk tops. Lace gloves and tulle features reflected Harajuku’s charm, while black leather elements channeled gothic Lolita vibes.

True to Maeda’s affection for adaptability, eveningwear highlighted detachable puff sleeves, emphasizing the value of versatility.

Daywear was marked by refined tailoring in dual-textured fabrics and the introduction of leather pieces and a standout pastel pink knitted dress. An intermission, led by a musician named “Samurai Guitarist,” transitioned to Maeda’s ICHI line. This inclusive, budget-friendly line made its runway debut, prominently featuring grunge aesthetics.

The incorporation of ICHI allowed Maeda to elevate Adeam’s evening appeal while providing an array of casual options. The showcased outfits presented a bold layering perspective, prominently displaying hallmark grunge elements. Still, there was a hint of desire for a rawer, more authentic grunge touch.

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