A New Year for You!

Hello my dearest friends and fashionistas! We all do New Year resolutions, hoping that we will quit some bad habits, improve our daily lives, and hone our skills. Last week I was in that mood too, reevaluating my schedules, goals, and keys to success. Over the last year I increased my efficiency, saving time for both my multiple fashion projects and my personal life. I organized my calendar, befriended with time deadlines, and changed processes so that I could include some ‘me time’ too. I wanted to maintain my beauty rituals, read more books and magazines, sketch my collection with ample time for experimentation, and write for all of my clients enjoying every minute of it. I ended up listening precious fashion-themed audiobooks while on-the-go, sketching outerwear and accessories both on iPad and on my notebook, writing double the articles I did last year, and picking the clients that best fit my vision as a professional fashion writer.

For 2017 I hope I’ll watch more fashion documentaries – still haven’t watched that one about the late Franca Sozzani – redesign my occasion wardrobe, triple my writing projects, and find new ways to promote my collection as a designer. I’m still working hard on a sound social media strategy, and this takes me definitely to another cool adventure marrying tech with fashion, and communications with everyday life. New York Fashion Week is coming soon, and I’m truly excited! What about your dreams? Come and share below or contact me through my live chat!

Happy New Year!!! xx
Elena Sendona

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