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Your Own Stylish Xmas Tree!

You know how obsessed I am with Christmas decorations, and how much research I do before shopping and updating my collection of tree ornaments. Being a fashion girl, I’m usually drawn to items that are visually appealing and somehow stylish. I like those ones that emulate elegant silhouettes and glam images as well as those specially produced by famous designers and department stores. Finally, I’m picking some with interesting color, texture, and motif combos.


De Carlini Lady with Leopard-Print Skirt Ornament, Eliot Raffit Grande Vintage Globe Ornament and Signature Saks Shopper Ornament

Coming up with the perfect tree decoration is a very thoughtful process especially when you choose to use a variety of colors and styles. You need to strategically place smaller baubles close to the top and gradually larger ones as you move downwards. You also need to transition smoothly from one color group to another, mixing and matching them the way you would do with your clothes. Maintaining cohesion is of major importance, no matter how playful your tree is aspired to be. Find a theme, an identity or a strong reference and make all your items revolve around it.

Make sure that your tree has its own special setting, creating a certain mood in the surrounding space. Cover the floor and the base of the tree with a matching or complementary fabric, wrapping paper or other material, and add some festive items in close proximity such as candles, pillows, stockings, gifts, cookies, and toys. A train or a sparkly music box will be meaningful additions. Think about the ideal spot, indoor or outdoor; probably next to a window or a fireplace.

And after all these considerations are taken care of, hit your favorite store for couple more ornaments that will renew your collection. If your tree is almost full, go for a few small and more expensive ornaments made of crystal, gold or porcelain. Get the collectibles, the fab, and rare items for the most privileged spots.

Happy Holidays and Fashionable Smooches!!!

Elena Sendona


Lanvin porcelain bauble with colorful sketches by Alber Elbaz


Bombki New York-themed mouth-blown and hand-painted glass ornaments (set of 5 in a wooden box)


Bombki Russian-themed mouth-blown and hand-painted glass ornaments (set of 5 in a wooden box)


Bombki Paris-themed mouth-blown and hand-painted glass ornaments (set of 5 in a wooden box)


Lalique 2014 Clear Mistletoe Christmas Ornament


MacKenzie-Childs Up, Up, and Away Santa Christmas Ornament


De Carlini “Linda Fargo” 2014 Christmas Ornament and De Carlini Elegant Lady Christmas Ornament

saks_bauble567Signature Saks Storefront Glass Ornament

barneys_lady23Barneys BAZ DAZZLED Holiday Cloaked Lady Ornament

At the top of this page to the right: Dolce & Gabbana Christmas Tree at Claridges Hotel, London

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