Whiten Teeth with Homemade Recipes

white_teeth1Good habits can prevent discoloration of your teeth. Rinse or brush your teeth right after every meal. Restrict tea and coffee consumption. Increase the quantity of the water you drink to keep teeth hydrated and remove plaque. Among fruit and vegetables prefer guava, sugarcane, carrot, cucumber, apple which prevent the yellowing of your teeth. Choose fibrous fruits and green vegetables to protect your teeth from bacteria which yellow your teeth. Avoid drinks that are too hot, too cold or carbonated. Clean your teeth mildly without scratching with nails or hard brush. Plaque will further deposit in the scratches and lead to further yellowing of the teeth.

– Make powder of dry orange rinds and massage your teeth with it.
– The acid in strawberries removes stains. Dip strawberries in baking soda and rub them on your teeth. Follow up by brushing with regular tooth paste to protect the enamel.
– Prepare a mixture of ½ tsp of baking soda, ½ tsp of vinegar and a pinch of table salt. It will look like a paste. Apply this on your teeth and wash after some time. It will make your teeth bacteria and stain free.
– Brushing your teeth with Sage leaves (φασκόμηλο) is another remedy to keep your teeth sparkling white.
Basil is another herb which helps you keep your teeth white. Dry the leaves in sun and powder them. Use it as toothpowder.
– To prepare homemade mouthwash, take 3 cups of boiling hot water, 2 tsp of fresh coriander, 3 tsp of peppermint leaves and 1 tsp of anise seeds (γλυκάνισο). Mix all the ingredients and cover for 30 minutes and then strain it. Store this in glass bottle.

Με συνέπεια και φυσικά συστατικά μπορείτε να έχετε ολόλευκα δόντια, χωρίς απαραίτητα να ακολουθήσετε τη διαδικασία λεύκανση σε κάποιο ιατρείο.

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