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Tote with Safety Hints

ysl_muse1This is one of the YSL bags that can be called “it”, cause you want to have them and hold in the form of a “statement”. It’s among those classic items that are going to be sold, in metallic versions, during the relaunching of the YSL e-shop.

There are many YSL totes that everybody wants to have. This one is called “Safety Pin Tote” and reminds us of the transformation of this low-profile fastener into a piece of jewelry or a small luxury accessory in 1968 by Saint Laurent.

Ανήκει στις τσάντες που όλες οι κομψές γυναίκες θα ήθελαν να αποκτήσουν για τις καθημερινές stylish βόλτες τους!

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