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With ‘Predict Fashion’ I am turning myself into a fashion forecaster who tries to give you an accurate insight on what is going to happen in the fashion market, the elements and circumstances that will affect the fashion industry sooner or later, the trends and designers coming gradually to the forefront as well as the next-to-be ‘it items’. Full of revelations, fascinating predictions and well-grounded analysis, this section is going to transcend the superficial limits of what is cute, beautiful and eye-catching, explaining what is going to sell, who will become popular and where in the Fashion Industry spectrum you will find true fashion ‘gems’ to invest, whichever role you have in this market.

We will delve into areas that are measurable and evaluate them according to consumer needs and desires, clearly expressed in numbers, facts, multiple data sources, charts and global trends. Fashion is business after all! People’s need for exquisite style means more sales for fashion entrepreneurs, while people’s shift in fashion taste means change of trends and evolution of the whole market. Upcoming designers come to feel the gap created by the demand for new, innovative products and at the same time some of the established ones strive to adapt and keep being successful.

Let’s predict who is going to be next and how the Fashion Industry will look in a few months, offering our fashion intelligence to all of you and receiving precious feedback. We can share our knowledge so as to decipher and better understand this fascinating market!

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