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There is no doubt that FW15 Fendi was one of the most miraculous minimalist collections Karl ever made and the epitome of it is, of course, fur outerwear! The fur-trimmed puffers, the patchwork coats, the shearlings (and the boots!), all oozed architectural sophistication and avant-garde elegance. The red mink coat with darker extra lapels and big buttons, the paneling with leather and the mishmash of closely related neutrals made me swoon. It’s hard to bring sharpness, precision, geometrical detailing and fitted silhouettes with fur, but Karl managed to tame the fluffy material and end up with exquisite wearable forms of art. Just have a look at the most coveted winter looks on earth, and let me know about your comments!

Love you All!!!

Elena Sendona








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  1. We love Carl!

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