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Tudors in a Modern Mantle!

It was a crowded presentation at the Empire Hotel, couple of floors away from my own room; yet it proved to be a nice surprise that was worth all the squeezing and pushing, the delay and the difficulty in taking pictures. People loved it mostly because of the perfectly styled referential looks that evoked something fresh and new from within strong historical elements.


The wide-leg pants, the jackets, the prints, the opulent fur items, and the dramatic makeup were masterfully placed together to cause something avant-garde and statement-making. Edginess is eternal! Emily Saunders managed to take something really ‘oldie’ and transform it into a playful reality to be adopted by hipsters! At the same time, there were pieces that the luxury-savvy customers will adore.


Saunder FW15 is a tribute to Hilary Mantel’s historical novels ‘Wolf Hall’ & ‘Bring Up the Bodies’ which tell the behind the scenes story of Henry VIII’s split from his first wife Catherine and subsequent split with Rome. The collection is rich and textured with many nods to traditional Anglo fabrics such as tweeds and tartans. The silhouettes sway from romantic and feminine to masculine tailoring, the two tied together by a thoroughly modern take on Tudor fashions and times.


The new collection, Modern Tudor, marks the fourth collaboration between fashion designer Emily Saunders and jewelry designer Megan Isaacs. The collection focuses on mixing textures and materials using hematite, pearl, and stud like motifs in gold, silver, and gunmetal plating. There was a strong theme and an equally ground-breaking reiteration of it!


Elena Sendona

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