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Tory Burch FW23: Embracing Flaws

For the Fall/Winter 2023 season, Tory Burch reimagines traditional concepts of allure and femininity. The standard fashion essentials undergo a reinvention, embodying an unrestrained spirit. The designs reflect transformative sculpting, tailoring, and contorting, maintaining a streamlined appearance. High-end fabrics display raw edges and worn textures, brand symbols dangle from accessories, and fractured heels highlight the charm in imperfections.


Usually concealed elements like lingerie, inner structures, and safety pins are prominently showcased. The essence of the collection lies in the empowerment of embracing one’s true self, highlighting that modern women defy conventions. Each piece is versatile, designed for endless combinations, layering, and personalization.

The debut ensemble showcased a wool pleated skirt uniquely fastened with a pronounced safety pin and a slightly misaligned waistband. Successive designs featured satin dresses worn unconventionally, loosely fastened belts, pumps showcasing a snapped heel, and a logo appearing detached from a handbag.

Burch played with the idea of flawless perfection. Inspired by Claire McCardell, the force behind innovative American sportswear, and reflecting on the liberated vibes of 1990s New York, Burch integrated flexible, interchangeable layers. This collection saw sweaters with intentionally rumpled sleeves and power mesh dresses that emphasized contours with built-in padding, essentially modernizing traditional garments.

The foundational elements like cozy sweaters, mid-length skirts, tailored jackets, classic shirts, and straight pants echo McCardell’s timeless style. The collection’s outerwear stood out. For more formal occasions, Burch dared to reveal what’s usually concealed—women’s shapewear. These pieces, adorned with stitched floral patterns and openly displayed fastenings, underscored the message of celebrating imperfections.

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